Multiple awards and distinctions
Focusing on the highest quality of products, business ethics and the involvement of our people in the company’s operations translate into the success of the company, as well as the recognition of independent institutions and received awards.

Business Gazelle 2002
Business Gazelle 2002 Award for the most dynamically developing company.

The award granted by the Puls Biznesu weekly magazine to small and medium-sized enterprises, which achieve great financial results, develop dynamically and are reliable business partners.

2006 Laur Konsumenta dla balsamów Cztery Pory Roku

Srebrne godło w kategorii kosmetyki pielęgnacyjne do ciała Laur przyznają Konsumenci, którzy w ankietach wskazują na najczęściej przez nich wybierane, pozytywnie oceniane i rekomendowane innym osobom produkty. Badania rynku przeprowadza

  • 2006

    Pearl of the Cosmetic Market

    The laureates of the 2006 Pearl of the Cosmetic Market competition were selected on the basis of a nationwide survey.

  • 2006

    Consumer Laurel for Cztery Pory Roku lotions

    The distinction is awarded by consumers, who fill in surveys asking them for products they choose, like and recommend most often.

2006 Cosmetics Oscar for PharmaCF

PharmaCF won Kosmetyki magazine’s readers’ plebiscite for the best promotion in 2006. We received the Cosmetics Oscar Award for our PharmaCF company shelving unit promotion. The Cosmetics Oscar is one of the most prestigious cosmetic plebiscites in Poland. Each year, dozens of Polish and foreign cosmetics companies and several hundred products compete for the Oscar statuette.

2007 Consumer Laurel for Cztery Pory Roku lotions

Cztery Pory Roku brand body lotions were distinguished for the second time with a silver Consumer Laurel award in the body care category. The consumers also appreciated the Bond series products by giving the award to the Bond deodorants and after-shave cosmetics. The surveys were conducted face to face and via phone in households and Polish companies in the age group from 15 to 75 years old.

2008 Pearl of the Cosmetic Market for PharmaCF cosmetics

New Pharma CF products were distinguished by consumers in another edition of the nationwide Pearl of the Cosmetic Market survey. In the Body care category, Cztery Pory Roku body lotion with herbal complex won the second place. Customers also appreciated the BOND products by awarding them the third place in the category.


The study was carried out by the Inquiry research agency on behalf of Wiadomości Kosmetyczne magazine. The survey was conducted at the turn of November and December 2007 on a sample of 600 women in cities over 50 thousand residents, in the form of a face to face interview. The consumers answered questions regarding:

  • knowledge of the product

  • their use of the product

  • their willingness to buy the product again

2009 Product of the Year for Bond

Bond cosmetics for men in new formula win in this year’s edition of the Product of the Year – Consumer Choice plebiscite.

The Product of the Year programme comprises two main elements: an extensive survey of Polish consumers’ opinions regarding new or innovative FMCG products, as well as a title and logo, which can be used by producers in advertisements and on product packaging, if their products were deemed to be the most attractive in their respective categories.

The laureates of 44 categories were selected on the basis of a survey conducted by TNS OBOP on a representative sample of 5000 Poles. Every participant was asked to choose the most attractive product in the category, one that they enjoyed the most. The Product of the Year title went only to new products with the highest levels of attractiveness and satisfaction in their respective categories. These included Bond cosmetics in the new formula.

2009 Qltowy Kosmetyk (Cult Cosmetic) – Korsarz Fresh line

Our new Korsarz Fresh product line has won recognition of the Kosmetyki magazine jury, winning the 2009 Qltowy kosmetyk award in the Polish Men’s Cosmetics category.

The jury paid attention to the effects of the product, how quick it works and what effects does it have, as well as the application method. The competing cosmetics were evaluated not only from the standpoint of quality but also their distribution model and the way the brand communicates with the market.
2010 Qltowy Kosmetyk (Cult Cosmetic) – Bond Intensive line

Our new Bond Intensive product line has won recognition of the Kosmetyki magazine jury, winning the 2010 Qltowy kosmetyk award in the Popular Polish Men’s Fragrances

The Bond Intensive line has achieved a very strong position on the market, which is confirmed by its great sales results. Thanks to the new graphic design of the packaging, we also managed to tap into the potential of younger consumers, who used competing brands’ products before. Our testers definitely also believed in that, since they decided that the series was worthy of a statuette.
  • 2011 Qltowy Kosmetyk (Cult Cosmetic) – Cztery Pory Roku – 2-phase

The Cztery Pory Roku brand has won the 2011 Qltowy Kosmetyk award in the Polish Cosmetics – Hand, Nail and Feet Care category for the 2-phase hand scrub.

Hands... They are what tells you the most about a person. This is why they should be always well-taken care of, smooth and velvety. The Cztery Pory Roku 2-phase hand scrub with salt, which exfoliates the calloused epidermis, restoring firmness and elasticity to the skin, will definitely help with that. The ingredients in the scrub strengthen the natural protective layer of the epidermis, making it smooth and velvety. Thanks to this treatment, the skin becomes smoother and looks younger. The preparation also improves microcirculation of blood and results in more effective penetration of skin care ingredients contained in creams. It also has a beneficial effect on the colour of the skin on your hands, as it partially eliminates discolouration’s. We appreciated the product’s performance, as well as its composition inspired by nature. The cosmetic is very pleasant to use.
2011 Consumer Laurel – Discovery – Bond Sensitive cosmetics line

The Consumer Laurel award for the Discovery of the Year is awarded to new and innovative products, which have been present on the market for a relatively short period of time, but they already won the hearts of consumers. The products were nominated by the Editorial Verification Committee of the Rzecz o Biznesie magazine, which evaluated the innovativeness of Bond Sensitive cosmetics, the prospects of market acceptance and the projected growth dynamics of popularity.


Business Gazelle Award for the most dynamically developing company

Pharma CF has once again joined the elite ranks of Business Gazelles. Thanks to the incredibly dynamic development, the company has been maintaining its position on the market, despite going against larger competitors.
In 2012 and 2013

Bond – our key brand – has received the Grand Prix of the Consumer Laurel Award.

In 2012 and 2013

Pharma C-Food was distinguished in the Forbes’ Diamonds ranking.

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