For many years we have been supporting various charitable, youth and sports organisations.


Helping people and supporting the development of young people, including:


  • Avalon Foundation

  • “Kropelka” Association of Honorary Blood Donors

  • Lesser Poland Association of People with Disabilities

  • MOSIR Sports Society

  • Disadvantaged People Foundation

  • “Panaceum” Help Centre Association

  • “Słoneczko” Foundation for Support for Persons with Disabilities

  • “Zdążyć z Pomocą” Children’s Foundation

  • Specialist Hospital

  • “Wspólna Nadzieja” Foundation

  • Hipomedical – Zabajka

  • “Serce dla Maluszka” Foundation

  • “Czerwone Serduszko” Foundation

  • Alojzy Kosiba School Complex

  • Fr. Jerzy Popiełuszko General Secondary School Complex

  • Sedeka Foundation


In addition to financial donations, the company also provides cosmetic products to natural and legal persons. Most often these are public benefit organizations and associations looking after homeless people from all over the country.


Beneficiares also include organizers of occasional events, festivals, picnics and sports events. Some of the beneficients are constantly looked after by company.


Do you want to find out what types of cosmetics can be produced in our production plant? Our technological lines allow us to supply a wide range of assortment

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