Our activities 

In its more than 20 years of activity, the company, thanks to the work of its research and development department, has developed and successively released several dozen different product lines of care and fragrance cosmetics for the domestic and foreign markets, gaining the position of one of the main players on the market.

From the very beginning, the company was focused on development based on the use of its own research and development department’s work and on close cooperation with leading Polish scientific institutions.


The company has an educated staff in an organisationally separate unit – a research and development centre – as well as modern research equipment, but the requirements of markets (especially export markets) create a need for further accelerated the expansion of the company with new, innova...

Research and development centre

The company constantly invests in the expansion of the research and development centre as a separate organisational unit, whose development and effects allow it to reach a new stage in its development on the domestic and export markets.



The company is currently investing heavily in the development of its marketing activities, especially on foreign markets, as well as plans to expand and modernise its production base.

Each year the company carries out from several to several dozen research projects, which resulted in the introduction or improvement of several dozen new products in various lines. 
The most interesting ones are among them:
  • Nail polish remover with modern packaging with a pump

  • Nail polish remover with modern packaging with a sponge

  • 2-stage nail polish remover

  • Cuticle and nail care products in PEN-type packaging

  • Hand and foot products in modern packaging – tube with pump

  • Dry shampoo

  • Products for softening and removal of rough and calloused skin (PEN package for cuticles, tube – heels)

  • After-shave balms based on potato starch

  • Silk spray – protection from chafing

  • Nail polish dry accelerator – package with dropper

Do you want to learn more about the types of cosmetics that we can produce at our production plant?

Our production lines allow us to deliver a broad range of products.

If you would like us to develop a product especially for you – contact our Research and Development department

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