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Dedicated products

We provide our customers with comprehensive services in the field of cosmetics design and manufacturing, giving them the opportunity to choose from a wide range of products and packaging. Thanks to the extensive machine park and cooperation with many renowned packaging manufacturers, our customers can freely choose the type, material and packaging capacity for the created cosmetics.

Available packaging options

The company offers products with a wide range of packaging units including:
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Pump packaging
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Glass bottles 
(with atomisers) 
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Modern solutions
BOV (Bag On Valve)
  • Aesthetic appearance

    Pharma CF attaches great importance to the aesthetic appearance of cosmetics, both in terms of content and graphic concept.

  • Professional label application

    We have devices that ensure a high standard of product protection and finishing, as well as the professional application of labels.

  • Proven printers

    Thanks to cooperation only with proven print shops, we ensure a reliable quality of labels and aesthetic appearance on our products.

  • Protection in transport

    Modern packaging equipment ensures safety and protection during transport of our products.

Our experienced staff 

will be happy to help you choose the right kind of packaging and will make every effort to ensure that the final product exceeds our customer’s expectations.
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Selected products we can manufacture

For hands and nails

  • Creams

  • Balms

  • Nail conditioners

  • Emulsions

  • Nail oils

  • Cuticle conditioners

  • Hand serum

  • Nail serum

  • Nail products

  • Cuticle products

  • Nail plate degreasers

  • Cuticle remover gels

  • Nail polish removers

  • Cuticle creams

  • Hand butters

  • Hand mousses and sorbets

  • Refreshing anti-bacterial gels for hands

For baths

  • Shower gels

  • Shampoo

  • Intimate hygiene gels

  • Bath foams

  • Liquid soaps

  • Bath pearls

  • Wet wipes

  • Intimate hygiene emulsions

For face and body

  • Lotions

  • Emulsions

  • Butters

  • Sorbets

  • Mousse

  • Milk

  • Creams

  • Body jelly

  • Body mists

  • Body oils

  • Massage oils

  • Make up removers

  • Cosmetic vaseline

  • Intimate hygiene wipes

  • Milks

  • Make up remover wipes

  • Body gels

  • Self tanning lotions

  • Protecting gels

For hair

  • Gels

  • Mists

  • Hairspray

  • Shampoos

  • Foams

Hygiene for women

  • Intimate hygiene lotions

  • Intimate hygiene gels

  • Intimate hygiene wipes

  • Make up removers

  • Nail polish removers

  • Make up remover wipes

  • Shaving gels

  • Shaving foams

  • Depilatory creams

  • After shaves and depilations creams

  • Mists

  • Antiperspirant roll-on

  • Deodorant spray

  • After shaves and depilations balms

Hygiene for men

  • Shaving foams

  • Shaving creams

  • Shaving gels

  • Antiperspirants roll-on

  • Deodorant spray

  • Beard oil

  • After shave lotions

  • After shave hydrogels

  • After shave

For feet

  • Foot creams

  • Colling and calming preparations

  • Warming preparations

  • Foot scrubs

  • Cuticle and nail preparations

  • Refreshing shoe spray

  • Foot deodorants

  • Foot serums

  • Emulsions

  • Cracked heel prepartaions

  • Foot gels

Sun Protection

  • Sun cares body lotions

  • Sun cares body emulsions

  • After sun milks

  • Protective creams

  • Emulsions


  • Deodorants

  • Air freshners

  • Refreshing shoe spray

  • Emulsions and balms (spray)

  • Repellents


  • Creams

  • Emulsions

  • Spray

  • Soothing gels


  • Eau de toilette

  • Eau de parfum

  • Eau de cologne


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