In over 20 years of its existence, thanks to the work of its own Laboratory, the company has successfully developed and implemented several dozens of different product lines of care and fragrance cosmetics on the domestic and foreign markets. From the very beginning, the company focused on development based on the use of its own R&D, and in close cooperation with leading Polish scientific centres. The company boasts its educated staff and modern research equipment, which allows us to carry out a wide range of research services for our customers. Each year the company conducts several dozen research projects, which resulted in the introduction or improvement of several dozen new products in different lines, which enjoy great satisfaction of our customers.

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Creation of a product concept

Determination of product form: aerosol, gel, cream, etc.

Creation of a marketing concept

Search for and selection of raw materials that will meet product requirements

Development and testing of formula

Ognaloleptic, physio-chemical, microbiological and challenge tests

Packaging and product tests

Usability tests, packaging and content compatibility tests, product stability tests

Preparation of product documentation

In compliance with applicable laws and regulations concerning cosmetics and care products

Verification of correctness of packaging markings

For each product manufactured by PHARMA CF

A few words about the new laboratory

Pharma CF aims high

Expansion of the Pharma CF R&D centre

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