For our company, human capital is one of the most important matters and it is definitely a key element, which allows our company to develop with such dynamics.


Who are we looking for?

As a family business, we recognise that each employee is a member of our family and contributes to its success. We focus on long-term professional and personal relationships: we make every effort to strengthen professional relations, and our goal is to minimise rotation of the employees.

We offer a permanent place of employment,
great working atmosphere and
opportunities for comprehensive development.


  • Company culture is not an elusive concept: for us, it means giving everything in every situation and drawing satisfaction from it, maintaining the commitment and added value that we bring to the company.

  • We focus on supporting our employees in problem solving, which allows us to jointly build a strong company from the very beginning of its existence.

Do you want to apply? Contact us:

Detailed information at the company’s office: Pharma C Food Sp. z o.o. Mokra 7 32-005 Niepołomice, Poland phone: +48 12 28 13 500 fax: +48 12 28 13 400

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