Pharma-C-Food’s objective is the design, manufacturing, packaging and sale of cosmetics.

Company policy

Pharma C Food Spółka z o. o. strives to achieve maximum satisfaction of our customers looking for modern cosmetics characterised by world-class safety, legality and hygiene standards on the market.


The company’s management and employees are committed to continuous improvement of implementation, production and logistics processes.


Our cosmetics are designed and marketed in line with global trends at affordable prices.

High quality of production

Our cosmetics are produced in conditions that ensure high quality and elimination of any risk factors for your health.

Low unit costs

We ensure low unit production costs by maintaining high efficiency, process automation, new technologies and organisational solutions.

High quality of raw materials and packaging

We purchase our raw materials and high-quality packaging from reliable suppliers

Customer satisfaction

We maintain our high market position, availability of products and ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.

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